Strawberry Stitch Tutorial

The inspiration came from Bloggang Strawberry tunisian crochet when the blogger posted her pic and pattern diagram in Thai to an FB group. Everybody wanted to make it  but nobody knew how to read Thai. I didn’t know either, and neither do I know Tunisian crochet so, I came up with traditional Tapestry Crochet instead, and loo, the result is stunning, with the perfect choice of color! Looks so suave!

Download the updated version in PDF of Strawberry Crochet Stitches Updated


Strawberry stitches 7 dc SM

See the different between the new version (left) and the old version on the right? Thanks for Eka Octyawaty for her great idea in making it more 3D looking and to Sinthia Poormaryone for creating the purses above. I leave the chart above in the old 5 dc version incase people may still like this shape better, but the PDF is in the newest version.

Watch the videos on Youtube:

Strawberry Crochet Stitches Part 1 of 2

Strawberry Crochet Stitches Part 2 of 2


  1. Hanni Maharani Koto

    Bagus sekali saya sangat suka,dan berminat untuk mempelajarinya.

    Liked by 1 person

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