Vintage Dolie

I am supposed to make flower of the week and I am two weeks late already but I can’t say no to a friend who asked for a pattern to make a vintage table cloth. I have made 2 different versions of the dolies but this seems closer to her liking and she doesn’t mind I am blogging about it.

The inspiration for this dolie came from an antique pattern crochet book.  This dolie can be used alone as a decoration, a coaster or you can make as many as you like and join them together to make a bedspread or a tablecloth. Joining the dollies is not included in this instruction.

Terms: American
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Yarn: Cotton, sport/fine, lace, crochet thread size 5 in two colors.
Total yarn weight:  about 25 grams
Hook: G/2.25 mm
Gauge:  6.5 inches at its widest points after blocking
Finished Size: 6.5 inches at its widest points after blocking
Stitches Used:
Yo = yarn over
Ch = chain
Sc = single crochet
Dc = double crochet
Sl st = slip stitch

NOTE:  This pattern is worked in round. 3 ch at beg counts as 1 dc.
Make 5 chains.
Join with a sl st to form a ring. Ch 3.
Round 1: 15 dc  into the ring, sl st to join. (16 dc)
Round 2: *Ch 13,  sl st into the 7th ch from hook or 7th ch from chain base.
Sc into each of next 6 st toward the base, sc into each of next 2 dc of round 1; rep from * till end of round. Sl st to join, cut off yarn.
Round 3: Pick up the 2nd color. Sc into any st between two long tentacles looking chain stitches, sk 3, ch 3, sc into the 4th st from the base of chain, ch 3, 15 dc into ring, sk 3, ch 3, sc into the opposite side of previous sc, ch 3;
rep from * till end of round, sl st to join. (8 partially done petals)
Round 4: Working toward the tip of the petal, ch 3, *dc into next dc, ch 1: rep 14 more times.
Dc into next sc of previous round (in between two petals); rep from * for the remaining petals,  sl st into tip of first ch 3 to join. (8 partially done petals)
Round 5: [*Sc into ch-1 sp of next petal, ch 3, sc into same sp; rep from * 13 more times. (14 pc)] rep till end of round, sl st to join, bind off. (8 petals)
Pink Dolie by Lola Pool 2014
Decorate the centre with ribbon or beads as you like.

Enjoy your new vintage looking dolie 🙂

Thanks to Dien Angreini Sagita for asking me to make this. I enjoyed it very much.

Please DO NOT re upload my files by any means to another blog or website. All my photographs are copyrighted. 

Thank you.