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Custom Made Crochet Frame Purse

As soon as this yarns came I thought I must immediately make something with it or otherwise I will be buried in other WIPs which never seems to finish again for a long time and the idea soon will evaporate and I will forget about it. I know, I am making excuse again for not finishing my works on time (sigh)… But I promise myself  making this purse doesn’t take much of my time .

To do this you need:

  1. 1 ball of  yarn, 100 gr/DK size, a crochet hook (I used smaller hook because I crochet very loose). 4 mm hook is the usual one for this type of yarns.
  2. A metal frame, mine is an oval 10 cm in diameter.
  3. A sewing needle.
  4. A thin nylon thread to sew the purse to the frame which can be purchased from a bead store. Something like a nymo will work.
  5. A piece of fabric for the lining (optional) depends on the type of stitching you will choose. If you are going to do single crochet motif only all the way you may not need  to line your purse.
  6. A sharp scissor.

The Math Thingy

  1. Measure the circle of your frame. With the frame wide open and using a measuring tape, measure the inside circle. Let say the inner circle is 30 cm. Let’s divide this number with 2 so 30:2 = 15 cm. this is the width of the bottom of your purse.

Using the stitch pattern of your choice (mine is inspired by Wheat Stitch Baby Blanket on Ravelry) and it is a free pattern (thanks to DankFiber), make a purse taking into account the width of the base  as measured above. You can make it as tall as you like but at least the height must be the same length as the base to give enough room for the pocket when the frame is sewn later.


The finish pocket and the frame.


Cut and hand sew the lining. Pinch the two corners and sew.


Flip the purse inside out and slide into the lining.


Pin and baste the lining to the purse.


Arrange the opening around the frame, tuck in the fabric and lining and spread evenly.


IMG_4477 (1)

Sew the purse into the frame starting from the corner, from outside into the inside, insert needle just about 1 mm below the edge  into both fabric and lining and sew back into the same hole in the frame. Pull tight each time so the stitches are hidden inside the slot in the frame. 

Sew several times into the fabric, cut off  thread and burn the nylon careful not to burn your hand or the purse. Just be save with all you do.

You are done!




NOTE: You can make the bottom of your purse as wide as you like but the opening has to match the size of the frame unless your fabric is thin enough to fold inside the opening when the frame is shut, then it doesn’t matter.




Sarah’s Crafty Backpack

Salam all, hope your weekends is sunny and bright as bright as the morning sun here as I write this in Lagos, Nigeria. I am going to miss my craft room soon as we are packing to go home to Indonesia for good. Anyway, I am gratefull I still have a chance to make this little playful fabric backpack for a litle girl next door whom I adore so much. Hope she will like this. 
I am sharing with you the progress of my works in pictures. Hope you get the idea…

Making the Lining for A Crochet Bag

Lining a bag back home in Indonesia wouldn’t be a problem at all. Run your bag to a tailor, leave for shopping, you are back you bag is done. However if you are a bit of adventurous you can learn how to sew your own bag lining. There is satisfaction in sewing your own from scratch and the feeling of accomplishment when the work is done by yourself is very rewarding.  Mine is not perfect but I am glad I ever did it.

What you need:
– a finished crochet bag with large opening. The best is to install the handles once you finish the lining process but here just to show I will use a finished bag.
– thin lining fabric
– sewing machine (optional)
– a zipper
– thread of matching color
– cutter or scissor
– measuring tape
– tracing paper (baking paper will do)
– elastic tape
The Process
1. Measure your bag and cut 3 templates (for the lining, the zipped pocket and one for the small pocket)
2. Cut the fabric according to the template leaving 1.5 cm for sewing allowance.


Start with the smallest piece. Fold all sides of the pocket at the sewing line and iron. Sew the elastic to top side of the pocket, stretch the elastic while sewing. Set aside.  


Large Pocket

Aline and sandwich one side of the zipper between the opening of two fabrics, pin and sew the zipper. Repeat in the same way for the other side of the opening. Turn the fabric inside out so it will look like this.

Pin then sew the small pocket to the inner side of the big pocket. 
With the small pocket positioned on the inside of the compartment, aline, sandwich and pin the sides of the pocket with the sides of the bag lining. At this time you will have 6 layers of fabric to sew, hence the reason to use thin fabric for this unless you have a heavy duty machine or a strong hand to hand sew LOL. Sew around starting from the edge of the zipper to the other edge.
Snip or trim the excess fabrics and threads, iron all sides of the bag opening along the sewing line.
Insert the lining and pocket  into the bag, pin and sew to finish.



Credits: granny square bag was made by all my friends in Borderless Crochet Group. Granny square pattern is adopted from the popular flower granny with somemodification  by me and the bag design and pattern is my own.





Friendship Granny Projects

We started the tradition last March when our friend Mee Leng left for Beijing. This week around 20 ladies in Lagos Crochet group made granny squares for our going out friend Kasia who is moving out to Praha then to Mexico. Kasia also made some grannies not knowing we are collecting the grannies for her. Hence, it was a surprise party for Kasia and it was a success because she had no idea what we were up to.
We made Kasia a bag. Here below are the progress till delivery of the bag…
We start with a simple and popular flower granny but modified it a little to accomodate all skill levels in the group. This granny only has 3 rounds.
Step by step photos for the granny square is at the end of this page.


So far we have been collecting 180 grannies. Above are some of the grannies.



The bag project we made require 34 grannies. Above is the lay out of the grannies before sewing.



We choose single crochet joining to give strenght and shape to our bag. 


We could not find the best handles for the bag so we decided we will make it ourselves.


Checking the bag impatiently to finish the joining and completing it with edging and lining…


Cutting the fabric and interfacing and preparing to sew the lining. I have forgotten to take more photos during the lining making but shoot videos instead. I haven’t edited the video, hopefully I can do that soon and upload to Youtube.


Voila, the bag is done and it’s roomy…
We added a tassel to the head of the zipper for added beauty and convenience.


Kasia looking beautiful showing off her friendship granny bag. Photograph by Agung Sukawati.




A few of our Crochet friends.
Step by Step Pictures for the flower granny.
R1. Start with 4 ch, 11 dc in first ch. join with a sl st or yarn needle as you wish. Cut off yarn.
R2: Join new yarn with either a sc, 2 ch,  2 partial dc in same space, yo, pull thru all loops (beg cluster).
Make 3 dc cluster in each st around. Cut off yarn.
R3.Make a standing dc, 2 dc. 3 dc in next cluster. 3 dc, 1 ch, 3 dc in next cluster. Repeat 3 more times. Cut off yarn, sew all ends.



For videos, look for Youtube with keywords: Iinwibisono, granny, crochet, flower, spiral, handle
A huge thanks to all my friends at Borderless Crochet Group for a great team work we have.