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Black Bamboo Beanie


The Black Bamboo Beanie
(Custom made)
Material: 100% ICE Yarns Bamboo/150grs/375 meters approximate/Fine/ Size
Hook: 2.75mm
I made this beanie to fit 23 inches head circumference. The actual hat size is 21 inches.
You too can make yours by following this pattern.
Create caps 2-3 inches smaller than the actual size of the head for a hat that is snug fit. Determine the diameter of the circle on the head (crown):
How: Head circumference divided by 3:14 Measure the circumference of the head from right above the ears. Calculate the diameter of the crown with the formula above minus 2-3 inches. Example: head circumference = 24 inch. Sought diameter = 24: 3:14 = 7.6 in – 2 in = 5.6 in.
2. Create an appropriate crown diameter. See below. Continue crocheting without increase till desired length corresponding to desired motif.
If the size of hats it is not known use standard size chart to measure the diameter of the crown (Google keywords: hat sizing chart).
Here is a simple pattern with starting 6 sc on first round.
R1: Ch 2, sc into first chain, 5 sc, place marker. (6 sc)
R2: 2 sc into next and each of sc around—12 sc, pm.
R3: (2 sc, 1 sc into each of next 2 sc) repeat around—18 sc, pm.
R4: (2 sc, 1 sc into each of next 3 sc) repeat around—24 sc, pm.
R5: (2 sc, 1 sc into each of next 4 sc) repeat around—30 sc, pm.
R6: (2 sc, 1 sc into each of next 5 sc) repeat around—36 sc, pm.
Repeat in this manner until you reach the desired size of crown required for your hat.
R7 and next rounds: Sc around till the desired length of hat. My hat is 7 inches long measured from tip of the crown to the bottom.  I added the skirt to my hat by making an inch wide strip in rib stitch then I sew it to the edge of the hat around with yarn needle.
Rib stitch:
Ch 9.
R1: Sc into 2nd ch from hook. Sc in till end, ch 1, turn. (8 sc)
R2: Sc back loop only into same 1 ch st. Sc in next st till end. (8sc)
Repeat R2 according to the size of the hat. The number of rows of the rib st should be the same number of the stitches in the last round of the hat.


Crochet Beaded Crocodile Stitch Scarf

Hello all, how are you today?
I have  36 hours before packing my luggage. We are traveling home to Indonesia Insya Allah on Friday. I am happy but sad at the same time because this time for the first time all four of us will travel at the same time but with two different airlines. Me, my youngest and my hubby will be with Qatar Airways, but my oldest son will be with Emirat. What can I say, our travel allowance dictate our tickets…  

But the good news is I have a bit of time to start with a new project which is light enough to carry in my travel bag to the airplane. I have been wanting to do this crocodile stitch for long time now. I have now purchased the yarn I need. I choose Alpaca, wool, and acrylic mix in lilac by ICE yarns. The yarn is size 2 and My hook is size G/4mm. 

Here are the first few rows I made. I will continue this as I travel. I learned how to make triangle crocodile stitch from Bob Wilson’s tutorial on Youtube.  It is so much fun to do. To know the number of beads will be needed, I counted the number of petals I will be making first. Mine is going to be a 30 inches long scarf and my gauge is 2 petals = 1.5 inches. It means that I will have to make  30 : 1.5 = 20 rows of petals. I know that the petals is increased by 1 in every rows and the number of petals in next row is always n + 1 (n is the number of petal in previous row).  I made the table in Excel spreadsheet to calculate the total petals in a triangle scarf according to the number of rows you are making. Mine says I have to load 210 beads to the spool prior crocheting. I added more beads to the total just incase I made mistakes in counting it. I used Japanese Toho Magatama  from Bobby beads since it has larger holes and you can tread it easily. I don’t use any pattern, just as above and follow the tutorial above. 

I finished one ball of yarn while I was on vacation. The height match to my calculations and the amount of beads were perfect in fact I have to remove the extra beads I loaded. I will continue crocheting it and make it a bigger scarf. Will see how long that will take me since I still have 7 balls of yarns to go (sigh).  
Would love to read your comments.
Have a nice vacations. See you soon.xx