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Custom Made Crochet Frame Purse

As soon as this yarns came I thought I must immediately make something with it or otherwise I will be buried in other WIPs which never seems to finish again for a long time and the idea soon will evaporate and I will forget about it. I know, I am making excuse again for not finishing my works on time (sigh)… But I promise myself  making this purse doesn’t take much of my time .

To do this you need:

  1. 1 ball of  yarn, 100 gr/DK size, a crochet hook (I used smaller hook because I crochet very loose). 4 mm hook is the usual one for this type of yarns.
  2. A metal frame, mine is an oval 10 cm in diameter.
  3. A sewing needle.
  4. A thin nylon thread to sew the purse to the frame which can be purchased from a bead store. Something like a nymo will work.
  5. A piece of fabric for the lining (optional) depends on the type of stitching you will choose. If you are going to do single crochet motif only all the way you may not need  to line your purse.
  6. A sharp scissor.

The Math Thingy

  1. Measure the circle of your frame. With the frame wide open and using a measuring tape, measure the inside circle. Let say the inner circle is 30 cm. Let’s divide this number with 2 so 30:2 = 15 cm. this is the width of the bottom of your purse.

Using the stitch pattern of your choice (mine is inspired by Wheat Stitch Baby Blanket on Ravelry) and it is a free pattern (thanks to DankFiber), make a purse taking into account the width of the base  as measured above. You can make it as tall as you like but at least the height must be the same length as the base to give enough room for the pocket when the frame is sewn later.


The finish pocket and the frame.


Cut and hand sew the lining. Pinch the two corners and sew.


Flip the purse inside out and slide into the lining.


Pin and baste the lining to the purse.


Arrange the opening around the frame, tuck in the fabric and lining and spread evenly.


IMG_4477 (1)

Sew the purse into the frame starting from the corner, from outside into the inside, insert needle just about 1 mm below the edge  into both fabric and lining and sew back into the same hole in the frame. Pull tight each time so the stitches are hidden inside the slot in the frame. 

Sew several times into the fabric, cut off  thread and burn the nylon careful not to burn your hand or the purse. Just be save with all you do.

You are done!




NOTE: You can make the bottom of your purse as wide as you like but the opening has to match the size of the frame unless your fabric is thin enough to fold inside the opening when the frame is shut, then it doesn’t matter.




Black Bamboo Beanie


The Black Bamboo Beanie
(Custom made)
Material: 100% ICE Yarns Bamboo/150grs/375 meters approximate/Fine/ Size
Hook: 2.75mm
I made this beanie to fit 23 inches head circumference. The actual hat size is 21 inches.
You too can make yours by following this pattern.
Create caps 2-3 inches smaller than the actual size of the head for a hat that is snug fit. Determine the diameter of the circle on the head (crown):
How: Head circumference divided by 3:14 Measure the circumference of the head from right above the ears. Calculate the diameter of the crown with the formula above minus 2-3 inches. Example: head circumference = 24 inch. Sought diameter = 24: 3:14 = 7.6 in – 2 in = 5.6 in.
2. Create an appropriate crown diameter. See below. Continue crocheting without increase till desired length corresponding to desired motif.
If the size of hats it is not known use standard size chart to measure the diameter of the crown (Google keywords: hat sizing chart).
Here is a simple pattern with starting 6 sc on first round.
R1: Ch 2, sc into first chain, 5 sc, place marker. (6 sc)
R2: 2 sc into next and each of sc around—12 sc, pm.
R3: (2 sc, 1 sc into each of next 2 sc) repeat around—18 sc, pm.
R4: (2 sc, 1 sc into each of next 3 sc) repeat around—24 sc, pm.
R5: (2 sc, 1 sc into each of next 4 sc) repeat around—30 sc, pm.
R6: (2 sc, 1 sc into each of next 5 sc) repeat around—36 sc, pm.
Repeat in this manner until you reach the desired size of crown required for your hat.
R7 and next rounds: Sc around till the desired length of hat. My hat is 7 inches long measured from tip of the crown to the bottom.  I added the skirt to my hat by making an inch wide strip in rib stitch then I sew it to the edge of the hat around with yarn needle.
Rib stitch:
Ch 9.
R1: Sc into 2nd ch from hook. Sc in till end, ch 1, turn. (8 sc)
R2: Sc back loop only into same 1 ch st. Sc in next st till end. (8sc)
Repeat R2 according to the size of the hat. The number of rows of the rib st should be the same number of the stitches in the last round of the hat.


Bag Base Board – DIY

A bag base board is a piece of stiff material which is cut to the shape of your bag’s base to avoid it looking shaggy. It also makes the bag easier to organize. There are several types of them from permanent to removable boards, and from economical to more pricy boards. Some boards are made to fit the size of the leading brands. They are available online and some online stores even offer custom cut acrylic boards to your requirements.

The one I am showing you is the removable version and you can make it from the materials you might already have at home. The board I am using is an old plastic cover from my kids’ school notebook.
To make one just follow the step by step pictures below. Some types of glue require you to work in a well ventilated area so read the instructions carefully before working.

You need a piece of white copy paper or tracing paper and the items shown in this picture: a piece of fabric, acrylic or sturdy plastic, scissors, measuring tape, glue, and a pen.

Pictured on the left is before inserting the base board, and the right picture is with the board inserted.

If you like what you see and made something from my free pattern, all I ask is that you credit me by mentioning my name, my blog and providing the link to it. Please DO NOT re-upload my files by any means to another blog or website. All my photographs are copyrighted. Thank you.

Custom Made Hats

Making hats was our Lagos Crochet Group topic in past two weeks. Perhaps this chart is also useful for anyone making his or her own hats.

I thank Cherry Thayer Drake for publishing the chart in FB group I am in.  I retyped the chart according to our group needs. For detail instructions in English on how to design your own hat go to Loraine’s Blog
Hat Sizing Chart
Head Circumferences
Circumferences (inch)
Hat Crown Diameter  (inch)
Hat Height
0-2  mth
1-2 yr
Adult Women
Adult Men


Bahasa Indonesia
Buat topi 2-3 inci lebih kecil dari ukuran kepala sebenarnya agar “snug fit.”
1. Tentukan diameter lingkaran atas kepala (crown):
Caranya: Lingkar kepala dibagi 3.14 (rumus lingkaran waktu SD/SMP). Ukur lingkar kepala seperti ilustrasi. Hitung diameter crown dengan rumus diatas dikurangi 2 – 3 inchi.  Misalnya lingkar kepala = 24 inch. Diameter yang dicari = 24: 3.14 = 7.6 in – 2 in = 5.6 in.

Illustration from Stetson EU.

2. Buat crown sesuai diameter  yang diperolah. Lihat cara membuat flat circle di post terdahulu pada blog ini untuk membuat crown. 

3. Lanjutkan merajut tanpa penambahan tusukan dari crown sesuai panjang topi yang dikehendaki sesuai motif yang dikehendaki. Selaraskan jumlah tusukan dengan pola yang digunakan dengan menambah atau mengurangi jumlah tusukan pada round terakhir dari crown.
Jika lingkaran kepala sebenarnya diketahui, gunakan ukuran sesuai hitungan diatas. Namun, jika tidak diketahui ambil angka rata-rata sebagai patokan mengukur diameter crown. Misal:   
Ukuran topi minimun =16 in : 3.14 = 5.0 inch
Ukuran topi maksimum =18 in : 3.14 = 5.7 inch
Rata-rata = 5.0 + 5.7 dibagi 2 = 5.35 (bulatkan menjadi 5.25)
Jika ingin menambahkan pinggiran:
Tambahkan 1-1.5 inch dari panjang topi untuk  topi bayi, 3-4 inch untuk dewasa.

Sunhat, clochet, flopp, kurangi 0.5 inch dari panjang topi.