Projects I do in between other WIPs


I have been wanting to make Turkish tile granny for ages. I have seen some beautiful grannies of this tile motifs from Pinterest but I had no luck in finding the patterns. I guess I will have to figure it out my own way. It’s not as cute as the one I saw, but I will try making a collection of this. I will look at other tile motifs some other day and make more grannies, InsyaAllah.

Turkish Granny Square

Turkish Tile Granny crocheted using Balinese Cotton Yarns 8 ply. The granny inspired by the Vintage Star Turkish tile motif below.


Turkish Tile by Zazzle

The 2nd unfinished motif.

Turkish Tile



This  was supposed to be the project for a workshop coming early next month. Having been working as an editor for an internal magazine (the company was once listed as one of the top 500) I fully understood what punctual means in terms of deadlines. I don’t nag people at my work, I sent out reminder with the words “just a gentle reminder…” so people feel appreciated. Now I am having a little problem adjusting myself to the new role. I realized that I can’t take it being nagged… I was thinking, it maybe a good idea if I start giving a private crochet lesson at my own home instead of joining a workshop since several people asked about it already. What do you think of my decision?