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Making Gradient Yarns With Fiber Reactive Dyes

Making gradient yarns with fiber reactive dyes is easier and less time consuming compare to using the over the stove method when using acid dyes. The results using the same weight of dye powder on various type of fibers are vary however, but this can be compensated by adding more dyes and by adding sodium sulfate to the dye bath to darken the result.

Strawberry Fields

Let’s Make Strawberry Bag Together – Student Gallery I am very proud of all my friends who learnt how to make these strawberry bags online with me. Congratulations to all your hard work… Source: Strawberry Fields

Hand Dyed Acrylic Yarns

I started dyeing my yarns as a hobby when we were living in Lagos. It may sounds impossible but actually it wasn’t that difficult getting the supplies into Africa from outside especially from… Source: Hand Dyed Acrylic Yarns

Strawberry Stitch Tutorial

The inspiration came from Bloggang Strawberry tunisian crochet when the blogger posted her pic and pattern diagram in Thai to an FB group. Everybody wanted to make it  but nobody knew how to read T… Source: Strawberry Stitch Tutorial