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Dyeing Kit and Some Works on Cotton

Alhamdulillah, proudly present the FIRST Yarn Dyeing Kit made in Indonesia using the best materials only with a professionally written instruction. Free coaching for all purchase through FB group.

Souvenirs from Bali

Hello all… I am back. It is hard to update blog while you are on vacation because there are too much interruption or should I say attractions going on hehe. Here are my souvenirs to you from Bali in pictures. Some are crochet related and some are photos from the places we visited. In search…

Balinese Cotton Yarns

These yarns are among my favorite yarns to crochet with. I have crocheted many different type of yarns from different brands available in the market. I am also in fact a yarn reseller for ICE Yarns, but till now I am not able to find the comparison for the softness of this particular yarns with any type. It’s…