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Gallary displaying my own works and interesting works of others.

A Note to Say Thank You…

After being accused of plagiarizing my own works, I came across such a nice FB email today from someone who really appreciate what I do. Here is what she says “Assalamualaikum mba. Saya yuni perajut dari malang. Salam kenal. Saya mengenal mba dari internet ketika baca pola tusuk stroberi. Karena polanya gratis jadi saya coba ternyata saya menerima banyak pesanan motif itu. Saya ingin mengucapkan terimakasih.”

Translation: Peace be upon you sister, I am Yuni, a crocheter from Malang. Nice knowing you. I get to know your name from the Internet when I read your strawberry crochet stitches. It was a free pattern so I give it a try and the fact is I received many orders with that motif. I just wanted to say thank you.” Wow, this such nice gesture made my day. I was really happy and pray she will be blessed with her works. Thanks Yuni…


Dyeing Kit and Some Works on Cotton

Berat 100 grams X 2 Panjang 360 m X 2 Demonstration only

Soft Cotton Lace 100 grams each
Length 360 m 
Demonstration only to show the texture of the yarns

Crochet Creations With Mineral Bottle Rings

PresilliaIn November last year our local crochet group decided to run a competition to boost our creativities using mineral bottle  rings. The feedback were amazing with 15 people joining and submitting the best of their creations. We then asked a group of crochet designers on Facebook who has no connections whatsoever to our group to be the judges. Below are the pictures of the items made by the participants for the contest.

This page is created for our local “KeciK”: group. Thanks to all and a special thanks to all friends who submitted their works in such a short notice: Dewi Mintoro , Grazia ,  Halida Rahmie, Yo Ika Kartika, Ilma Erisa, Luthfi, Presillia,  Rina, Sinthia,  Sistri, Tety, Ukke Wartanti, Yanti Griyaloha, Yus Hafni, and Vetta.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find out who the winners are.

20160120235858Keychain  Holder and Coin Purse by Sinthia

20160122024006Dolie by Yus Hafni

dewi mintoroDolie by Dewi Mintoro
graz3Necklace by Grazia

grazia1Red Shoes by Grazia

grazia2Flower Shoes by Grazia
IID2Baby Toys by Halida Rahmie

Iid3Baby Toys by Halida Rahmie

ilma erisaBrooch by Ilma Erisa

ilma erisa2Brooch by Ilma Erisa

ilma erisa3Keychain holder  by Ilma Erisa

presilia2Keychain holder by Presillia

PresilliaName Tags by Presillia

Rina Jogja















Cookie Jar Cover by  Rina


Coasters by Sistri


Kitchen Towel by Sistri
speranza craftRing by Presillia
Tety1Table Runner by Tety

Ukke WartantiNecklace by Ukke Wahyu Wartanti

vetta 2Dolie by Vetta

vetta1Necklace by Vetta

YantigriyalohaBrown Bag by Yanti Griyaloha
yo ika kartika 5Earings by Yo Ika Kartika

Yo Ika Kartika1Earings by Yo Ika Kartika
yo ika kartika3Chrysanthemum Shawl by Yo Ika Kartika
yo ika kartika4

Chrysanthemum Shawl by Yo Ika Kartika

yo ika kartika6

Earings  by Yo Ika Kartika

yus hafni2

Dolie by Yus Hafni

yushafni3Same dolie by Yus Hafni

luthfi tanpa watermark

Green Vest by Luthfi


1st Prize Winner  went to  Yanti Griyaloha, the brown bag, total points 10

2nd Prize, Sistri, Coasters, total points 8

3rd Prize, Yo Ika Kartika, Chrysanthemum Shawl, total points 6

Runner up 1 Grazia, Red Shoes, total points 5

Runner up 2 Rina, Cookie Jar, total points 4

Runner up 3 Halida, Baby Toy Ring, total points 3

Grand Prize Winner is Sistri, totap points 11 from both of her designs entered.

The prizes were: Mulberry Silk , Australian Merino Wool +/- 800 m, Supersmooth Tunisian hooks (2 pcs), crochet motivational mugs, Cashmillon yarns and a set of Tulip Classic Hooks.

Admins of the group and competition organizer were: Novi Ummu Zufra and myself, Iin.

Big congrats to all participants and winners. InsyaAllah we will do it again…

A White Hat

I made this hat based on the Minimalist Cabled Mandala by Lilla Björn Crochet Designs. I follow the pattern till I reach the diameter of the hat I am making then stop increasing. I let the motif flowing to the side and only close it when it reach near the edge then finish it with a round of double crochet and a round of single crochet stitches.
The step by step photos made the pattern easy to follow.
Here I am using bamboo yarns, I guess this will be fav not only by adult but baby too… what do you think?
Bamboo Hat Pak Subhan0 Bamboo Hat Pak Subhan1 Bamboo Hat Pak Subhan2 Bamboo Hat Pak Subhan3 Bamboo Hat Pak Subhan4

Field of Strawberries

Salam ‘alaikum, may peace be upon you who read this post. Hello all, long time no see. The last two months  we have been busy moving back home from Africa to Indonesia, packing, and unpacking, traveling and of course crocheting hehe. My youngest graduated from high school 3 months ago and as I am writing this he is packing getting ready for a collage. He, unlike my oldest son who choose to study art and industrial design, he love economics. So, before we travel again next Monday, let me just post these photographs first.

I am very proud of the works of all friends whose photos I publish  in here. Congratulations to you all, these are truly a field of strawberries to me. The bags were made based on the pattern booklet I made and published in Bahasa Indonesia. If you are interested to make one, you can follow this link for the English version of the pattern.

Hope you enjoy seeing these photos as much as we enjoy making the bags. See you again soon in another project.

Anita Heru Susanto


Ika KaNika Crochet


Yus Hafni


Yuni Arti


Yulia Ughoy


Yessy Primadona


Yayu Puji Rahayu
Yayu Puji Rahayu


Ummu Dzikra Donna


Ummu Harits Yeni


Ummu Salsa Wari


Uni Mas Djanudji


Uni Mas Djanudji


Uni Mas Djanudji


Vera Yuliana


Wahidatul Orima
Ukke Wahyuni


Trisan Siska
Trisan Siska




Susi Nilawati


Srikandi Ragil Irenx (Endsng)


Srikandi Ragil Irenx (Endang)


Siti Aisyah


Sintya Nadina


Sadyarini Ciptadi


Sadyarini Ciptadi


Rona Yuliani


Ristiyanti Marwoto


Rini Handoko


Rina Afiati


Reti Susanti


Reti Susanti


Puji Rahayu Setyaningsih


Parama Diyah Ratnaningtyas


Nurdiana bintu Zainuddin


Nia Audina


Nanik Yusmiarini


Mutiara Mulya Kasih


Lestia Gusti Baros


Lis Arluner
Lola Pool


Malina Tauresia
Mila K. Rahayaan


Mimik Lestari


Laurensia Debbyana


Laurensia Debbyana




Refinda Bahar


Ika Kartika


Ika Astika
Gadis Kusuma


Henny Purnama Handayani


Ida Yuliana


Ika Kartika


Esti Purwandini


Emi Krismarini


Emi Krismarini


Efflina Annisya


Efflina Annisya


Dwi A. Pujiati


Dien Angraeni Sagita


Deya Noviarita


Dade Dede


Dade Dede










Ayu Femilia Rizki




Agrotas Rajut
Congratulations to all. Keep up the good works.

Lacy Granny

Wednesday is always a special day for us in Lagos Crochet Group (LGC) and this week is extra special because we are all struggling and racing against ourselves to master a new pattern.
No one get up of the floor, and those who came late will have to wait a while at the door because all seems reluctant to go to the door to open it lol.  Anyone wishing to go to the bathroom has to do it before the class begun because class cannot be distracted hahaha.  A new kindergarten school is born with one lessen on the list, crochet.Our special teacher for the day is Agung Sukawati who designed  this top and jacket. Aren’t these adorable? Agung is letting me drawing the chart for her design and allowed me to share it with you.  Find the chart at the bottom of the page. Not only that,  she also  shows us how to connect the lacy block together.  Now, it’s your turn to improvise with it.

Photo by Iin Wibisono 2015

Photo by Agung Sukawati 2015

Photo by Agung Sukawati 2015

Photo by Agung Sukawati 2015

Photo by Agung Sukawati 2015

Photo by Agung Sukawati 2015
Photo by Agung Sukawati 2015
Photo by Agung Sukawati 2015
Photo by Agung Sukawati 2015
Photo by Agung Sukawati 2015
Lacy Granny Chart