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Field of Strawberries

Salam ‘alaikum, may peace be upon you who read this post. Hello all, long time no see. The last two months  we have been busy moving back home from Africa to Indonesia, packing, and unpacking, traveling and of course crocheting hehe. My youngest graduated from high school 3 months ago and as I am writing this he is packing getting ready for a collage. He, unlike my oldest son who choose to study art and industrial design, he love economics. So, before we travel again next Monday, let me just post these photographs first.

I am very proud of the works of all friends whose photos I publish  in here. Congratulations to you all, these are truly a field of strawberries to me. The bags were made based on the pattern booklet I made and published in Bahasa Indonesia. If you are interested to make one, you can follow this link for the English version of the pattern.

Hope you enjoy seeing these photos as much as we enjoy making the bags. See you again soon in another project.

Anita Heru Susanto


Ika KaNika Crochet


Yus Hafni


Yuni Arti


Yulia Ughoy


Yessy Primadona


Yayu Puji Rahayu
Yayu Puji Rahayu


Ummu Dzikra Donna


Ummu Harits Yeni


Ummu Salsa Wari


Uni Mas Djanudji


Uni Mas Djanudji


Uni Mas Djanudji


Vera Yuliana


Wahidatul Orima
Ukke Wahyuni


Trisan Siska
Trisan Siska




Susi Nilawati


Srikandi Ragil Irenx (Endsng)


Srikandi Ragil Irenx (Endang)


Siti Aisyah


Sintya Nadina


Sadyarini Ciptadi


Sadyarini Ciptadi


Rona Yuliani


Ristiyanti Marwoto


Rini Handoko


Rina Afiati


Reti Susanti


Reti Susanti


Puji Rahayu Setyaningsih


Parama Diyah Ratnaningtyas


Nurdiana bintu Zainuddin


Nia Audina


Nanik Yusmiarini


Mutiara Mulya Kasih


Lestia Gusti Baros


Lis Arluner
Lola Pool


Malina Tauresia
Mila K. Rahayaan


Mimik Lestari


Laurensia Debbyana


Laurensia Debbyana




Refinda Bahar


Ika Kartika


Ika Astika
Gadis Kusuma


Henny Purnama Handayani


Ida Yuliana


Ika Kartika


Esti Purwandini


Emi Krismarini


Emi Krismarini


Efflina Annisya


Efflina Annisya


Dwi A. Pujiati


Dien Angraeni Sagita


Deya Noviarita


Dade Dede


Dade Dede










Ayu Femilia Rizki




Agrotas Rajut
Congratulations to all. Keep up the good works.

Friendship Granny Projects

We started the tradition last March when our friend Mee Leng left for Beijing. This week around 20 ladies in Lagos Crochet group made granny squares for our going out friend Kasia who is moving out to Praha then to Mexico. Kasia also made some grannies not knowing we are collecting the grannies for her. Hence, it was a surprise party for Kasia and it was a success because she had no idea what we were up to.
We made Kasia a bag. Here below are the progress till delivery of the bag…
We start with a simple and popular flower granny but modified it a little to accomodate all skill levels in the group. This granny only has 3 rounds.
Step by step photos for the granny square is at the end of this page.


So far we have been collecting 180 grannies. Above are some of the grannies.



The bag project we made require 34 grannies. Above is the lay out of the grannies before sewing.



We choose single crochet joining to give strenght and shape to our bag. 


We could not find the best handles for the bag so we decided we will make it ourselves.


Checking the bag impatiently to finish the joining and completing it with edging and lining…


Cutting the fabric and interfacing and preparing to sew the lining. I have forgotten to take more photos during the lining making but shoot videos instead. I haven’t edited the video, hopefully I can do that soon and upload to Youtube.


Voila, the bag is done and it’s roomy…
We added a tassel to the head of the zipper for added beauty and convenience.


Kasia looking beautiful showing off her friendship granny bag. Photograph by Agung Sukawati.




A few of our Crochet friends.
Step by Step Pictures for the flower granny.
R1. Start with 4 ch, 11 dc in first ch. join with a sl st or yarn needle as you wish. Cut off yarn.
R2: Join new yarn with either a sc, 2 ch,  2 partial dc in same space, yo, pull thru all loops (beg cluster).
Make 3 dc cluster in each st around. Cut off yarn.
R3.Make a standing dc, 2 dc. 3 dc in next cluster. 3 dc, 1 ch, 3 dc in next cluster. Repeat 3 more times. Cut off yarn, sew all ends.



For videos, look for Youtube with keywords: Iinwibisono, granny, crochet, flower, spiral, handle
A huge thanks to all my friends at Borderless Crochet Group for a great team work we have.



A visit to Dowa Crochet Boutique, the maker of The Saks Crochet Bags

Following my previous post on my visit to Dowa crochet boutique in Jogja, Central Java, Indonesia, here are some photos from the trip. This article is not about the success story of the company but more about what I learned from my visit to the workshop. To read more about the company please visit its website at

Dowa bags according to the person I met in the workshop are exported mostly to the US. In the US it is sold under the brand name The Saks. Interestingly, I actually own a purse which I purchased in Dallas not knowing it was from my own backyard hehe #feelingamuzed

Beautiful bloom at the entrance.
 Dowa boutique at Godean KM 7, Yogyakarta.
Sweet mint candy and other local treats provided to the guest at the waiting room made you feel so welcome to the shop. The room has a nice sofa and chairs where husbands or kids can wait and chat while the wives enjoy the shopping.
Some crocheted bags on display.



A  varieties of the sling bags. Notice how the stitches different in the front and the back of the brown bag on the left.


Crochet cushion covers in neatly done single crochet stitches. The price of Dowa’s is ranging from USD 4 to USD 160 a piece. I treat myself  with one of these.
Zigzagging double crochet tapestry bags reminding me of  similar bag in single crochet by Carol Ventura.


Everybody from of all ages seems to enjoy their time in the shop like these children admiring the keychains and brooches on display.


Flower power. Crocheted keychains and brooches and on display.

The Neat Lining
Now that we have seen all of those beautiful photos of crocheted bags and accessories, let see the most fun part of this tour. How do they do their super neat lining? I am grateful to all the employees and management of Dowa for allowing me to photograph and videotaping this process and for being so kind in sharing their knowledge and expertise with me. Two thumbs up for them.
All Dowa bags is crocheted by the women surrounding the village where the company is operating. Dowa use its own type of nylon yarns to produce their bags and accessories and the yarns is not available for sale publicly.
Some bags were created in one solid piece, some were created as separated pieces which will required further assembly. Every single bags arrived at the workshop were placed under scrutiny for its quality. Mistakes will be corrected at the repair center at the workshop. Some of the bags can undergo major repair from cutting and reattaching the handle and some will require reconstruction of some part of the bags. It seems intense labor and time consuming to me but the ladies at Dowa is crocheting at the speed I have only seen done by the winner of the fastest crocheter recorded by the Guinness of Record on Youtube! I asked one of the repair women how long she has been crocheting and how can she crochet so fast, she said she has been doing this job for 6 years. How many hours would that be if she crochet 6 hours a day.
An employee at the workshop gluing the interfacing into the upperlining fabric.
At first the inside of the bag (the wrong side) was covered using the underlining fabric in the same color of the yarns used for the bag. If necessary Some area around to upper side of the bag is cut to match the contour of the fabric and glue is used in some places to make the underlining stay in place.  The purpose of this process is to cover the spaces in between crochet stitches to prevent the interfacing to be seen through the fabric. A certain area of the bag such as the handle, buttons and clasps is reinforced using a stronger underlining fabric.
The upper lining is sewn separately as a bag insert. Pockets and the zipper is stitched into the upper lining during this process. The  type of material used is unknown to me but the softness of the fabric is similar to those used in the tailored suits and jackets.
Workers returning to work after a lunch break.

Short video  interview  about the production and QC at the Dowa workshop.
Several type of nylon yarns and work in progress at Dowa workshop, Jogjakarta, Indonesia.
Hope you enjoyed this short article. See you in my  next crochet adventures in the other part of the world InsyaAllah. Happy crocheting.
Visit Dowa website for detailed product info.
Source: Personal interview and UKM success story.
All of my photographs have hidden copyright info on its meta data. Please  do not reupload my files by any means to another blog or website. You can share the link.  
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Souvenier from Jogja from Yarn shopping to Leather Crafts

  1. Visiting *Yogyakarta this year especially for me is quite meaningful and a bit different than my previous visits because I was more focus and prepared in how we would like to spend our time. 
  3. In short here is what our schedule looks like.
  4. Flight: We arrived Jogja by Lion Air from Jakarta at late evening around 10 pm, ate dinner at Lesehan Maliboro and returned to Jakarta 5 days later via Batik Air (still under same Lion group but better service).
  5. Hotel: and stayed at Hotel 1001 Malam (1001 Nights). Hotel rate was USD 40 per per night  breakfast included. B’fast is served at 07:30. You can choose from the menu ahead of time at night or let them know an hour in advance to prepare. There are banana pancake, nasi goreng and sandwich to choose from along with fruit juice, coffee and tea.
  6. Places we visited in pictures:
  2. Day 1: Gabby Yarnshop of course haha… Huge thanks to my family for allowing me to visit the shop on or first day. I met  Regent, the friendly owner and his wife and their new baby and purchased some yarns. Gabby sells yarns from cotton to nylon in lace to DK sizes and a limited amount of bulky and imported yarns.  Gabby address is Jalan Mangkubumi No.69, Tugu, Jogjakarta. Phone  0819-0428-3888 and (0274) 550696. After Gabby yarn shop we headed off to Kasongan pottery village.
Indecisive moment at Gabby Yarnshop.
They sells handmade and batik cap too. After Gabby yarn shop we headed off to Kasongan potteries.


 The motifs were made using eggshell glued to the surface.


  1. Day 2: Taman Sari. Taman means garden.  
  1. The above picture show the view from above where the Yogyakarta Kings used to see the dance performances below.
My friends and I at the room which used to be the dressing room for the mistress.
Dressing room seen from the King’s bedroom. Notice how the layers of doors forming  mirror like image like in a camera lens, focusing on the center focus point. It would be interesting to know the idea behind the creation of this rooms as well as the entire Taman Sari architectural building by a Portuguese architect Demang Tegis between 1755 – 1792 AD
Another entertainment and ceremonial area inside theTamas Sari complex.
Left: Bathing area for the mistresses  viewed from the top level of the building where the King would only select one to stay with him for the day. The King would throw a rose to the pond and whoever hit by the rose would stay and the rest would disappear. Right: Batik painter aroundTaman Sari.
The bathing place viewed from different angle.


Sumur gumuling used to be the place for ablution for the Muslims before the prayer time.  Today it is no more than the photo taking  place for tourists. The underground masjid was built in the natural sound system so the voice of the Imam can be heard clearly by the people who pray behind him including the woman who pray in separate chambers.
  1. Lunch on day 2 was at a Haji Slamet Fried Duck, a four stars rated restaurant by Trip Advisor.
Day 3: Kasongan Wood Craft in Bantul 2o minutes from Jogjakarta.
There are many woodcraft shops in Kasongan with type of works ranging from wood sculpture to furnitures. Below are some work  that caught my interest.
Teakwood stools priced from 40 – 50 USD each! I drool as I type this  because I live in Lagos, Nigeria at the moment following my husband’s assignment and I just wish to stay in a house which I can decorate with these beauty…
Another beautiful teak wood table being displayed in a shop at Kasongan village.
Next to the craft shop was a coffee shop overlooking a small river below. I can’t agree more on this poster says: Today (everyday) is the best day in my life, Alhamdulillah.
  1. Lunch was at Sundanese restaurant Bale Ayu. 4.5 stars for this restaurant for their menu variety and friendly service. See them on Facebook at followed by a trip to the Manding leather craft village.
Directions to shops at Manding leather craft village. See video about Manding village in this ink.


A crafter at Manding Village and some made to order bags ready to ship.


Friendly crafter and the cow leather  he had just finished cutting.


The traditional tool of the trade. On left is the stitch marker puncher. The crafter use this puncher to easily hand stitch the fabric later.


Detailed embossed work on leather.


Retail shops along the street selling local made leather crafts.


An old bike with leather saddle and leather bag on display in front of a retail shop.
Bags on display at Dowa boutique in Godean Km 7, Jogjakarta. Follow me for my other exciting post on Dowa Crochet and learn how this famous crochet boutique do the lining of their bags first hand. 
  1. Day 4: Gunung Kidul, Goa Pindul (Pindul Cave Tubing) followed by lunch at Yu Marto restaurant nearby. Aside from too much myths regarding the stalactite inside the cave, this 350 M long cave is beautiful. A lot more improvement  is needed to make it more enjoyable place to visit such as the quality of the changing rooms and the safety and smooth entrance into the cave. There is no stair to go down to the river and the naked wet clay is too slippery during wet season. There is no limit for the ages who can enter, so baby ages 15 months can join without safety vest while the tour guides remind us the depth of the cave in some part is 12 meters deep! Don’t forget to bring a waterproof casing for your camera and wallets as leaving your valuable items in the locker room is not advisable.
Pcture inside the Goa Pindul from Kompasiana
We stop for coffee and eating durian fruit at Bukit Bintang, Patuk.
Seen below is the city called  Piyungan.
Day 5: We concluded our visit by meeting my cousin and his family and  had lunch at Jejamuran Restaurant recommended by my dear friend Ukhti Ima Fajarianto.  See ukhti Ima on her blog here
She was right about the restaurant.  I have never thought of serving mushroom in such a variety of cooking from stir fry,  green chili pesto, rendang (spicy curry) and tongseng (grilled mushroom with curry sauce). 
Tips: come an hour early before lunch time to secure your place. When we ate there on the way out we saw the sign “Parking is full” which also means the space is full and you will have to come back some other time.  Jejamuran is rated 4 stars by Trip Advisor. 
We had one hour of adrenalin pumping drive to the airport. The traffic was tight and we were loosing time. At that moment we forgot how tasty the food was. Not a good idea to go to the fancy restaurant on last minute. Arrived at the airport, had 20 minutes to check in and board the plane immediately and took a deep breath and thanks God for not missing our flight and didn’t have any trouble on the road… Alhamdulillah.
Selections of mushrooms on display at the Jejamuran restaurant, Jogjakarta.
See review in here
Meeting my cousin and his family. Refinda back row 2nd from left and Dilla front row in pink scarf are two of crocheters in our family who have contributed to the making of the strawberry bags we have sold locally.


Isn’t she cute with her strawberry dress mum made?


Dilla (11) and her own designed crocheted top. Amazing talent at such young age. Yarns from Joann, USA.  On the backdrop is the scene from busy lunch time at Jejamuran (Mushrooms Restaurant).
Thanks to brother Arfiansyah Abu Khalid and his beautiful Wife Vika for their guidance and coaching during our 5 days stay. Our days were worth spending and no time wasted till the very last minute.  We especially enjoyed the companion of baby Khalid whose famous word is Caca…
  1. Note: *Yogyakarta is a city and the capital of Yogyakarta Special Region in Java, Indonesia. It is renowned as a center of education, classical Javanese fine art and culture such as batik, ballet, drama, music, poetry, and puppet shows. WikipediaArea12.66 sq miles (32.8 km²)ProvinceSpecial Region of YogyakartaPopulation388,627 (2010) UNdataLocal timeSaturday 8:39 PM
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You can make items with my patterns for yourself or as gifts. 

Liebster Blog Award

Alhamdulillah, I have been nominated for  for the Liebster Blog Award by Zelna Olivier of Zooty Owl. I have never been nominated for an award before for my creations so this is something which keep my heart rate run a bit faster. I feel so humbled, Thanks Zelna.

The Liebster Blog Awards is about people nominating other people so their name get recognized. Each nominee answer 11 questions about themselves and then in turn nominates a number of their favorite blogs and provides a set of questions to be answered.

The questions Zelna asked me were:

1. What is your favourite yarn?
2. Your go-to colour palette?
3. How many hours a week do you spend crocheting?
4. What other crafts do you practice?
6. How old were you when you learned to crochet?7. Who taught you to crochet?
8. Which is your favourite season, and why?
9. Favourite place to go on holiday!
10. What is the coolest thing you have crocheted?
11. Why do you blog?

I love these questions although some of these are not easy to answer. I am very happy to answer without bias and as objective as possible. 

1. What is your favorite yarn?

Any yarns that is not squeaky slippery.

2. Your go-to colour palette?

Red, pink, white
Turquoise, brown, cream
Turquoise, red, cream
Turquoise, purple, soft green

3. How many hours a week do you spend crocheting?

Whoho… the whole time, my hobby is my works. Well, when I am not cooking, typing, praying, socializing you will find me crocheting…

4. What other crafts do you practice?

Beading. Recently this long time hobby resurface when a friend open her house for a group meet up once a week.

A beaded crocheted bracelet I recently made

6. How old were you when you learned to crochet?


7. Who taught you to crochet?

My Aunty… and she is still healthy. I used to see my aunty make crochet items for her husband.
Please meet my aunty and the items  she crocheted when she was young. Some of these items aged around 50 years.

My Aunty, Ibu Nursima
My Aunty’s creations

8. Which is your favourite season, and why?
All seasons are good in its own way to me. So I enjoy every seasons.

9. Favourite place to go on holiday!

Jogja and Bali and my hometown, Bukittinggi. All are located in Indonesia.

10. What is the coolest thing you have crocheted? My Strawberry bag. The bag were published in Homespun Australia and Entwine Crochet Magazine, USA.

11. Why do you blog?

I love sharing knowledge with people, I love teaching. Below is a blanket made by Kasia, my friend from Poland whom  I taught crochet 4 weeks ago and made this blanket within a week. Bottom picture are some of my friends who crochet with me, but not all…

11. Where do you crochet?

On the floor, sit on the carpet like in the picture below, in the patio, in front of the TV,  in the car (during traffic only), on the plane, at the airport, and in the party when nothing else to talk about I usually go to a corner and begin crocheting LOL.

I am nominating the following blog as my Liebster Blogs:

1. My Little Girl
2. My Picot
3. My Hobby is Crochet
4. Crochet et all 
5. Zooty Owl
6. Abel and Hug

To those I am nominating, I would like to have the following questions answered:

1. What is your favourite hook?
2. Anyone else crocheting in your family?
3. How many hours a week do you spend crocheting?
4. Will you teach a family member to crochet?
5. Where do you crochet?
6. Do you have a crochet group?
7. Who inspire you to crochet the first time?
8. What is the most expensive yarns you ever bought and what did you make with it?
9. Do you make item for yourself or to sell?
10. What is the coolest thing you have crocheted?
11. Why do you blog?

When Crocheters Received Their Yarns Parcels

After such long wait (haha a few days always felt like a few hundreds days when you are waiting for yarns to arrive) our Australian pure 18 micron Merino wool orders arrived. Yes, we are so blessed… Alhamdulillah. Just have a look at the smile in the faces of my crochet buddies in this slide show…

Here is West Africa life can be very exciting. Perhaps because of some limitations we are experiencing in some cases, something ordinary to some people in the other part of the world seems to always extra ordinary and extra happy in our place.  The skeins now all have been distributed to friends who ordered them. Many more skeins have been arranged neatly on the shelves ready for our next crochet meet up and class.

I suddenly feel the need for a cup of tea, sit quietly in my comfy corner (you will notice my big red pillow on the slide show) and crochet… while perhaps rub my cheek on some of those super soft yarns…

Hope you enjoy the slideshow…

All of my photographs have hidden copyright info on its meta data. Some of the photographs in this page is licensed to Getty Images. If you need the pictures please purchase them from by Getty Images. Please DO NOT re upload my files by any means to another blog or website. You can share the link. Thank you.

Blog Background

Salam and hello again…
Just to share the things I have been having fun playing with other than crochet LOL. I created these seamless blog background images and thought you might like to try it. Just click save as to download. You see my blog background? That’s new. I thank my friend  Aji Subhan at iStockpho for drawing the flower esp for me 🙂
Let me know if you find it useful. 
The images below were created using Adobe CS6 using the standard swatch patterns in the size suitable for blogs.


If you like what you see and made something from my free pattern, all I ask is that you credit me by mentioning my name and my blog and provide the link to my blog. Please DO NOT re upload my files by any means to another blog or website. All my photographs are copyrighted. Thank you.

Polkadots Stitch a.k.a. Strawberry Stitch Modified Version

Hello again my friends, how are you today? I just got up this morning after three days of bed rest. Yeah, it was my carpal. I had to stop crocheting completely for 3 full days or else my headache wouldn’t have stopped. I am feeling a lot better today, Alhamdulillah…

This morning I received a request from a friend asking to make a crochet backpack for her baby boy. She wanted a polkadot motif, yes polkadot and not strawberry. She wanted it in baby blue and yellow. I said, hmm, let me google it, I kept searching, hmm, couldn’t find anything that matched the round dots she likes. So I did some yarn over, cluster, sc, dc, tried up several stitches, but still something was not right. The dot wasn’t standing up. It either slanted to the right too much or it was too short. So okay, let me go back to the Strawberry stitches and work something out from it. Voila, polkadot crochet stitches a.k.a. a modified version of strawberry stitches.

Pattern is now on  Ravelry, complete with step by step picture.

PS: If you like what you see and made something from my free pattern, all I ask is that you credit me by mentioning my name and my blog and provide the link to my blog. Please DO NOT re upload my files by any means to another blog or website. All my photographs are copyrighted. Thank you.

Me at Homespun Australia

Hi everyone, hope you are as excited as I am this morning!

Yay, my design was published in Homespun Australia. I hope I am not making you all bored with this strawberry stitches again. On the contrary I hope you will make something out of it. Ok enough said, here is the image of the printed magazine with my Strawberry Crochet Bag in it. Patten can be found in here…Strawberry Stitch Pattern

Photo credit: Homespun 

Merry’s Silk Shawl

My friend Merry asked if I could make her a shawl, something lacy and light to match her peach Nigerian dress which she could wear to the Church. We selected several type of yarns and the final choice was silk/merino/kid mohair yarn.

Merry is not very particular about the motifs and leave it to me to decide. I did my research for one to compliment her dress and found one from a stitch dictionary. I redraw the chart and make each row colorful for easy interpretation.

I could have made the shawl wider but at the time I started I was not sure if the skeins I have would be enough (6 skeins of 25 gr silk/merino/kid mohair yarn). But now I know.  I only used 4.5 skeins for the shawl and the 8 inches fringe.

This shawl has been tested. Here is a beautiful shawl Kalpana Chitharanjan of Ravelry made using acrylic.

Below I am using the same pattern with rayon/cotton mix to make a small scarf.

Pattern is free from March 7 to April 20, 2014 at Ravelry and Crochetville.