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Iin from back
Shawl knitted by Nita Andy Yarns: Mulberry silk Location: Taman Buah Mekarsari, Indonesia

Assalamu ‘alaikum, peace be upon you.

Hi I am Iin, a crocheter  who loves photography (see my portfolio) and a mother of 2.

I learned to crochet since I was 5 from my aunt but only since 2011 I became very active crocheting. I am the type of person who can’t stick to just one project at a time. Most likely I will have several small projects in between large projects.

The first item I designed was a green lacy granny square. The square hits so much Likes on a social media group which lead me to write my first pattern. Since then I have made several more items. I tried as much as I can to write down all the process but not all. Some projects required quick finish and quick delivery to customers and I just have no time to write the pattern properly although I wish I did. For those items I did  without patterns I posted them under Project title.

I love meeting friends for crochet and we used to have a group who meet up regularly.

Friendship Granny Blanket

Above is a granny blanket my friends in  Lagos made me. I see my friends’ face  in every square they made me in it. The happy cat is Lekki, a Nigerian cat we brought home to Indonesia with us.



Egypt, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia, Panama, Poland, Italy, France, Pakistan, India, Kenya, Nigeria… a melting pot of crochet republic. Above picture was during one of the send off party for a friend living for another country.

Below is a glance of the things which surround my day-to-day activities and some of my favorite photos…


The continuous changing of my workstation. There are now two of those

I am lately much into hand-dyieng my own yarns. My yarn stock are piling up and there is no way to make room other than selling them. I hope one day I have a real physical shop so I can meet people personally… For now I work at the basement and in our garage and send the yarns to friends by courier.

Hope you enjoy your visit, please come back often and leave me a comment telling me you are here. Take care…

Happy Crocheting ❤❤❤
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