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Iin from back
Shawl knitted by Nita Andy Yarns: Mulberry silk Location: Taman Buah Mekarsari, Indonesia

Assalamu ‘alaikum, peace be upon you.

Hi I am Iin, a crocheter  who loves photography (see my portfolio) a mother of 2 and the creator of organic skincare IUMI.

I learned to crochet since I was 5 from my aunt but only since 2011 I became very active crocheting. I am the type of person who can’t stick to just one project at a time. Most likely I will have several small projects in between large projects.

The first item I designed was a green lacy granny square. The square hits so much Likes on a social media group which lead me to write my first pattern. Since then I have made several more items. I tried as much as I can to write down all the process but not all. Some projects required quick finish and quick delivery to customers and I just have no time to write the pattern properly although I wish I did. For those items I did  without patterns I posted them under Project title.

I love meeting friends for crochet and we used to have a group who meet up regularly.

Friendship Granny Blanket

Above is a granny blanket my friends in  Lagos made me. I see my friends’ face  in every square they made me in it. The happy cat is Lekki, a Nigerian cat we brought home to Indonesia with us.



Egypt, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia, Panama, Poland, Italy, France, Pakistan, India, Kenya, Nigeria… a melting pot of crochet republic. Above picture was during one of the send off party for a friend living for another country.

Below is a glance of the things which surround my day-to-day activities and some of my favorite photos…


The continuous changing of my workstation. There are now two of those

Beside crochet I  hand-dyieng my own yarns too. I am still using synthetic dyes at the moment but eagerly moving toward plant dyeing. I tried to do my work in the safest way for my health and for the environment by making sure the dyes particles were absorbed as much as possible into the fabric so it won’t go to the water. I learned that this is possible if you carefully understood the science of hand-dyeing. If you read this and you are doing the same thing as me I encourage you to read a lot of from the books and on the internet on how to save water and dye responsibly. Choose the proper material for your dyes. The worst material to dye in my opinion is acrylic and polyester as too much dyes particles which cannot be absorbed by the fabric and goes to the soil and drainage which in the end will flow into the ocean and killed the aquatic animals.

Hope you enjoy your visit, please come back often to see an update.

Happy Crocheting ❤❤❤
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