A Note to Say Thank You…

After being accused of plagiarizing my own works, I came across such a nice FB email today from someone who really appreciate what I do. Here is what she says “Assalamualaikum mba. Saya yuni perajut dari malang. Salam kenal. Saya mengenal mba dari internet ketika baca pola tusuk stroberi. Karena polanya gratis jadi saya coba ternyata saya menerima banyak pesanan motif itu. Saya ingin mengucapkan terimakasih.”

Translation: Peace be upon you sister, I am Yuni, a crocheter from Malang. Nice knowing you. I get to know your name from the Internet when I read your strawberry crochet stitches. It was a free pattern so I give it a try and the fact is I received many orders with that motif. I just wanted to say thank you.” Wow, this such nice gesture made my day. I was really happy and pray she will be blessed with her works. Thanks Yuni…


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