She was fasting and it was iftar time but he kept on walking…

New York, June 9, 20:20

The plane just landed, they walked in a long aisle. The next flight was in next 5 hours.

She looked at her watch, ah time for iftar soon.  She went to buy 2 bottles of juice, one for her and one for her husband although her husband didn’t fast because those who travel can break their fast. She was fasting because she wanted to accompany her son who fast alone… She wanted to sit waiting for iftar, but the husband kept on walking,  entered a train and go to the far away terminal. Then someone told him the terminal was wrong, go back to terminal 4. They were at terminal 1 when arrived… She beg “let me just break my fast.” The husband said, break it now. She said, it’s not time yet, in 5 minutes. Let’s just sit and wait and we look for the gate later. But he wouldn’t listen and kept on walking far ahead of her…

She was very sad and angry… The husband became even more angry at her… She said “you should make it easier for the one who fast for Allah.” He didn’t care… He walked very far ahead, she just kneeled anywhere and Bismillah, she broke her fast… Alhamdulillah. Her husband is getting out of sight, she tried to catch up. He found the gate and wait. She went to a corner and sat on the floor. The flight is still long time to go. She begin to pray while sitting so that she wouldn’t disturb anyone and hope no one notice her. He was embarrassed, she can tell because he suddenly got up and left and carry his backpack, she had no clue where to  but she didn’t care, she just pray… She was in tears but she was happy to talk to the One who always listen… always listen…

Suddenly a man in a yellow uniform came right after she said salam to her right and to her left which marked the end of a prayer in Islam. He asked if she is a Muslimah (he must have known but asked anyway) to open a conversation. He offered her to go to a masjid near a Chapel. A masjid? she asked, because she hasn’t seen any before here at this New York airport. He even said, we have food, we have dates and we have lentil soup… She was really hungry… She stood up and talked to a nice Chinese guy who sat in front of her and who didn’t feel bothered with her praying, to tell her husband that she went to a mosque incase he was looking for her. Just when the man nodded, her husband came so she told him. She asked if he would like to pray with her… He was a little unsure, he look at the man in the uniform then decided to come and followed her. She was extremely pleased and walked fast following the man…

She took ablution and tears start falling down her cheek. Tears of happiness knowing Allah is so near. When she dragged her feet following her tall husband in the isle she asked Him to give her a heart big enough so that every problems will become small inside. She asked to make it easy for her to pray and to obey Him. He answered only in minutes… He even provided her with food for her iftar…

Before she left the man gave her the qur’an to keep or share with others. She took 2, and intended to give it to her children.

She wrote this, maybe one day her kids will read this and learn that being happy is being true to yourself and that every Muslim must stop running and being afraid of anything which is “an opinion about Muslim and Islam.” You must be kind to others and respect others and just be who you are… If you are afraid, people will miss understood you even more. Always smile at people and always be nice and be helpful and obey the one who create you and fulfill your need…

Thank you to the brother in the uniform at New York International airport and all the kind brothers  in this airport. May Allah bless you all…


Masjid in New York International Airport. Image from


  1. skd

    Alhamdulillah! !


  2. Ceritanya bikin mbrebes mili, mba Iin >.<


    1. Hehe… semoga tetes airmata itu mengantar kita ke SurgaNya kelak. Makasih kunjungannya… ❤


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