Crochet Creations With Mineral Bottle Rings

PresilliaIn November last year our local crochet group decided to run a competition to boost our creativities using mineral bottle  rings. The feedback were amazing with 15 people joining and submitting the best of their creations. We then asked a group of crochet designers on Facebook who has no connections whatsoever to our group to be the judges. Below are the pictures of the items made by the participants for the contest.

This page is created for our local “KeciK”: group. Thanks to all and a special thanks to all friends who submitted their works in such a short notice: Dewi Mintoro , Grazia ,  Halida Rahmie, Yo Ika Kartika, Ilma Erisa, Luthfi, Presillia,  Rina, Sinthia,  Sistri, Tety, Ukke Wartanti, Yanti Griyaloha, Yus Hafni, and Vetta.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find out who the winners are.

20160120235858Keychain  Holder and Coin Purse by Sinthia

20160122024006Dolie by Yus Hafni

dewi mintoroDolie by Dewi Mintoro
graz3Necklace by Grazia

grazia1Red Shoes by Grazia

grazia2Flower Shoes by Grazia
IID2Baby Toys by Halida Rahmie

Iid3Baby Toys by Halida Rahmie

ilma erisaBrooch by Ilma Erisa

ilma erisa2Brooch by Ilma Erisa

ilma erisa3Keychain holder  by Ilma Erisa

presilia2Keychain holder by Presillia

PresilliaName Tags by Presillia

Rina Jogja















Cookie Jar Cover by  Rina


Coasters by Sistri


Kitchen Towel by Sistri
speranza craftRing by Presillia
Tety1Table Runner by Tety

Ukke WartantiNecklace by Ukke Wahyu Wartanti

vetta 2Dolie by Vetta

vetta1Necklace by Vetta

YantigriyalohaBrown Bag by Yanti Griyaloha
yo ika kartika 5Earings by Yo Ika Kartika

Yo Ika Kartika1Earings by Yo Ika Kartika
yo ika kartika3Chrysanthemum Shawl by Yo Ika Kartika
yo ika kartika4

Chrysanthemum Shawl by Yo Ika Kartika

yo ika kartika6

Earings  by Yo Ika Kartika

yus hafni2

Dolie by Yus Hafni

yushafni3Same dolie by Yus Hafni

luthfi tanpa watermark

Green Vest by Luthfi


1st Prize Winner  went to  Yanti Griyaloha, the brown bag, total points 10

2nd Prize, Sistri, Coasters, total points 8

3rd Prize, Yo Ika Kartika, Chrysanthemum Shawl, total points 6

Runner up 1 Grazia, Red Shoes, total points 5

Runner up 2 Rina, Cookie Jar, total points 4

Runner up 3 Halida, Baby Toy Ring, total points 3

Grand Prize Winner is Sistri, totap points 11 from both of her designs entered.

The prizes were: Mulberry Silk , Australian Merino Wool +/- 800 m, Supersmooth Tunisian hooks (2 pcs), crochet motivational mugs, Cashmillon yarns and a set of Tulip Classic Hooks.

Admins of the group and competition organizer were: Novi Ummu Zufra and myself, Iin.

Big congrats to all participants and winners. InsyaAllah we will do it again…


  1. So many great ideas !!!!

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    1. Thanks, glad you like it…


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