Making the Lining for A Crochet Bag

Lining a bag back home in Indonesia wouldn’t be a problem at all. Run your bag to a tailor, leave for shopping, you are back you bag is done. However if you are a bit of adventurous you can learn how to sew your own bag lining. There is satisfaction in sewing your own from scratch and the feeling of accomplishment when the work is done by yourself is very rewarding.  Mine is not perfect but I am glad I ever did it.

What you need:
– a finished crochet bag with large opening. The best is to install the handles once you finish the lining process but here just to show I will use a finished bag.
– thin lining fabric
– sewing machine (optional)
– a zipper
– thread of matching color
– cutter or scissor
– measuring tape
– tracing paper (baking paper will do)
– elastic tape
The Process
1. Measure your bag and cut 3 templates (for the lining, the zipped pocket and one for the small pocket)
2. Cut the fabric according to the template leaving 1.5 cm for sewing allowance.


Start with the smallest piece. Fold all sides of the pocket at the sewing line and iron. Sew the elastic to top side of the pocket, stretch the elastic while sewing. Set aside.  


Large Pocket

Aline and sandwich one side of the zipper between the opening of two fabrics, pin and sew the zipper. Repeat in the same way for the other side of the opening. Turn the fabric inside out so it will look like this.

Pin then sew the small pocket to the inner side of the big pocket. 
With the small pocket positioned on the inside of the compartment, aline, sandwich and pin the sides of the pocket with the sides of the bag lining. At this time you will have 6 layers of fabric to sew, hence the reason to use thin fabric for this unless you have a heavy duty machine or a strong hand to hand sew LOL. Sew around starting from the edge of the zipper to the other edge.
Snip or trim the excess fabrics and threads, iron all sides of the bag opening along the sewing line.
Insert the lining and pocket  into the bag, pin and sew to finish.



Credits: granny square bag was made by all my friends in Borderless Crochet Group. Granny square pattern is adopted from the popular flower granny with somemodification  by me and the bag design and pattern is my own.





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