The Gauge Matter

Tension or gauge cannot be taken lightly. The correct tension will help you make sure that your final item will result in the closest approximate size of the garment or project  mentioned in the pattern. 
I have receive many emails from people saying the result of their project is different than whan it says in the pattern, either become too big or too small and the root of the problem in most cases is that they ignore the process called checking the gauge.
Here is what to do.
Crochet about 3 inches and 10 rows of a swatch in single crochet.  Measure the middle area of the fabric then check your gauge or tension.  The sample below says:
2 inches = 9 sc
1 inch = 6 rows
Check your gauge toward the requirement in the pattern, if it is less try making another swatch in a smaller hook. If it is more try using the larger hook.  
Some yarns came without label (especially yarns sold in Indonesia) making the job of the designer and crocheter harder. But despair not, just try this.
Check your gauge toward the standard yarn weight system. For example if your gauge is 20 sts in 4 inch then your yarn weight falls into category size 2 Sport/Baby which crochet gauge ranges between 16-20 sts in 4inch in single crochet.
Hope this help you making a better and precise garment you intended to make according to the patterns you are following.
All of my photographs have hidden copyright info on its meta data. Please do not reupload my files by any means to another blog or website. You can share the link. You can make items with my patterns for yourself or as gifts. Please contact me if you need the photos on my blog to be used in commercial publications.

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