Strawberry Stitch with a Twist

If you stumble upon my blog the chance is you have seen my original version of strawberry crochet stitch as seen on my logo bag above. See this link for tutorial and pictures on how to create the stitch.

I am impressed at how many people inspired by it and have created something they like with it. Some people went further with it and created it in a different way to achieve a slightly different look.  Here below is one example: Strawberry with a stem.  Lisdayanti Kasim,  a friend who modified my stitch is generously letting you have the pattern for this modification as seen in the bag below. So now you have two choices on how to create the look. You can contact Lisdayanti Kasim directly if you are interested in the pattern.

Photograph by Lisdayanti Kasim

All of my photographs have hidden copyright info on its meta data. Please DO NOT re upload my files by any means to another blog or website. You can share the link. 

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