The great thing about having friends from different nationalities is that you always learn something new from them. Our crochet group is growing. Now we have friends from Pakistan, India, Mexico, Italy, Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, and Panama. How wonderful is that?
Yesterday beside busy with our own crochet projects and excited about new Merino Wool heading our way, Mee Leng, one of our friends from Malaysia taught us to make this delicacy… Mochi…
Here is the recipe, it is pretty simple really, but its delicate looking made it looks so difficult to handle.
by Lo Mee Leng
200g glutinous flour
2 tablespoon of corn starch
2 tablespoon of oil

300ml water
Mix well then steam for 15 mins.  

Several choice for the fillings:

– toasted ground nuts with sugar (my favorite)
– red bean paste
– green tea paste
– durian paste
– Nutella
– any filling you can think of…

Once cooled scoop with a table spoon about 40 gram of the dough, place on your hand after dipping your hand into corn starch to avoid sticking, flatten, put filling in, close and shape it gently then roll it into corn starch. That’s it!





Photographs by me. All my photographs have hidden copy right info on it’s meta data. Please DO NOT re upload my files by any means to another blog or website. All my photographs are copyrighted.  You can share the link. Thank you.

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