How to Make Woven Rice Casing from Coconut Leafs (ketupat "bahasa Indonesia)

Hello, it is almost Eid El Fitr and everyone in Indonesia and Malaysia are busy making the feast. One of the famous meal is ketupat. Ketupat is made of woven rice sack from coconut leafs. Most of tropical countries has coconut trees, choose the young leafs to make the ketupat.

For the filling you can use any type of rice from Thai to Basmati. Wash the rice and fill up 1/2 of the pocket then boil in a large pot with plenty of water for about 2-3 hours.  You could also use a presto cooker for a faster result for 30 minutes. Once the pocket is hard and fully expanded, it is done. Tie all the pockets together and hang them in a well ventilated air. Cut the ketupat in half diagonally, remove from pocket, cut into small cubes, eat with vegetable or chicken curry and kerupuk (prawn crackers).

Most of the people I met know how to make this, but new generation probably don’t. I have shoot this video for those who wanted to learn how to make it. Pardon my English, no time to edit as I was busy cooking hehe…

Here is the tutorial video on how to make it.

This is how the ketupat look like after 3 hours of boiling and drained. Add more water during cooking to make sure the cases submerge in the water.
Cut the ketupat in cubes and eat with shredded young papaya in coconut milk or chicken curry, rendang, and  or dendeng (salty beef jerky), garnish with friend shallots.  Add sambal (chili paste) spicier gravy.

If you like what you see and made something from my free pattern, all I ask is that you credit me by mentioning my name and my blog and provide the link to my blog. Please DO NOT re upload my files by any means to another blog or website. All my photographs are copyrighted. Thank you.

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