Bag Base Board – DIY

A bag base board is a piece of stiff material which is cut to the shape of your bag’s base to avoid it looking shaggy. It also makes the bag easier to organize. There are several types of them from permanent to removable boards, and from economical to more pricy boards. Some boards are made to fit the size of the leading brands. They are available online and some online stores even offer custom cut acrylic boards to your requirements.

The one I am showing you is the removable version and you can make it from the materials you might already have at home. The board I am using is an old plastic cover from my kids’ school notebook.
To make one just follow the step by step pictures below. Some types of glue require you to work in a well ventilated area so read the instructions carefully before working.

You need a piece of white copy paper or tracing paper and the items shown in this picture: a piece of fabric, acrylic or sturdy plastic, scissors, measuring tape, glue, and a pen.

Pictured on the left is before inserting the base board, and the right picture is with the board inserted.

If you like what you see and made something from my free pattern, all I ask is that you credit me by mentioning my name, my blog and providing the link to it. Please DO NOT re-upload my files by any means to another blog or website. All my photographs are copyrighted. Thank you.

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