Designing With Tapestry Crochet

If you are familiar with tapestry crochet, and you are tired of tracing your image manually from tapestry crochet graph into traditional graph paper… Well if you have access to an Adobe Illustrator or any similar program you can do this trick with ease.  
1. Download your Crochet Graph at The sample above uses a Round tapestry crochet graph. Download the one suitable to your need. Create a traditional graph in any software (excel is much faster) and save it as PDF. 
2. Open a new blank file in Adobe Illustrator. Place the image you wish to trace. Place a crochet graph on top of the image. A new layer will automatically created for you when you place an image. Set the opacity of the  Crochet graph to 60% so you can see the image underneath it. 
3. Place the traditional graph on top of the crochet graph. Zoom in and adjust the size of the cell in new graph to match the size of the graph underneath. Set the opacity to 30% so you can see all layers underneath: the crochet graph and the traditional graph and the image. Once opened in Illustrator, the graph will turn into an editable squares. Now you can click the corresponding cell on the graph and paint it. 
Imagine having to trace a large and complex images. This method is going to save you a lot of time.You can print the chart and color it manually for the fun part of it. Have fun coloring 🙂

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