Strawberry Drawstring Bag

Make this cute bag for someone special… It is easy, fast and fun to make…

The pattern is using US crochet term.
The 3-page pattern is easy to follow complete with 11 colorful photographs to guide you in crocheting it round by round until you see it evolves into a pretty strawberry sack.
The strap is crocheted lengthwise to avoid stretching then attached to the inner part of the bag.Surely there is other ways to make the strap for this kind of bag. I encourage you to improvise to make it your unique pretty strawberry bag.
This bag is thick and strong enough without lining. The cord is made using simple slip stitches as clearly explained in the pattern. The strawberry dangles can be made in less then half an hour using single crochet stitches.
Thanks to Marilyn Smith for editing this pattern.
Thanks Deborah Donohue for testing it.

Purchase the pattern from Ravelry

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