Strawberry Stitch Tutorial

The inspiration came from Bloggang Strawberry tunisian crochet when the blogger posted her pic and pattern diagram in Thai to an FB group. Everybody wanted to make it  but nobody knew how to read Thai. I didn’t know either, and neither do I know Tunisian crochet so, I came up with traditional Tapestry Crochet instead, and loo, the result is stunning, with the perfect choice of color! Looks so suave!

Download PDF pattern here.

Watch the videos on Youtube:

Strawberry Crochet Stitches Part 1 of 2

Strawberry Crochet Stitches Part 2 of 2

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Strawberry Block available for purchase at Ravelry.

Strawberry Pot Holder available for purchase at Ravelry
I have been neglecting my 5DM2 for so long because of my illness last year. Nearly a year I did not touch it and when I opened the camera bag the other day I was just grateful I did it then and not later because the fungus has already started to grow on the camera strap. I went testing it and fiuwhh it is still functioning as the last time I used it. Here is one of the pictures I recently took: a crochet purse I just made using the strawberry crochet stitches. I use double strands size 8 cotton for the white, and similar size of rayon for the green and fuchsia (because I don’t have the cotton in green and fuchsia color), and make a slip stitch cord to tighten the purse. 
Alhamdulillah, yay, I was featured in Crochetville Facebook Page.

Featured in Knit and Crochet Now TV Show FB Page
Shared among delicious food recipes by Confessions of Crafty Witches
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