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On the title are the theme of the yarns I recently dyed and are now available for purchase. It took me months to prepare these much and the progress continues InsyaAllah. My job is so much fun, Alhamdulillah.

To see the choices of hand-dyed yarns, select Hand-Dyed and select the choices from themes from the drop down menu. Under Shop you will find other type of yarns including the famous Balinese Cotton Yarns as well as the hand-dyed which are being sold as Clearance. Those in the Clearance Box are a mixed color of yarns and sold as a package.
Detail info of the individual yarns and pricing is shown on each photos.
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Making Gradient Yarns With Fiber Reactive Dyes

Making gradient yarns with fiber reactive dyes is easier and less time consuming compare to using the over the stove method when using acid dyes. The results using the same weight of dye powder on …

Source: Making Gradient Yarns With Fiber Reactive Dyes


Making Gradient Yarns With Fiber Reactive Dyes

Making gradient yarns with fiber reactive dyes is easier and less time consuming compare to using the over the stove method when using acid dyes. The results using the same weight of dye powder on various type of fibers are vary however, but this can be compensated by adding more dyes and by adding sodium sulfate to the dye bath to darken the result.

You need: A few  balls of cotton (or other cellulose type of fibre such as rayon, bamboo or  jute) cake shape is fine too, reactive dyes, soda ash, hot water. Check the dye manufacturer instructions for the temperature required, some reactive dyes works on cold water too.


1. Soak the yarn the night before till it sinks at the bottom of the pot. Squeeze exes water prior the dyeing process. In this example I was using a few balls of cotton/rayon mix.


Soak yarn in water at room temperature for a few hours till all part of yarns is wet.

2. Prepare the dye bath in a plastic container. I use 5 ml reactive dyes and 20 ml soda ash, dilute together in 600 ml hot water till both dissolve.

I used 5 ml reactive dyes in dark orange color for this experiment.

3. Roll the presoaked yarn balls several time inside the dye bath till all surface is coated evenly, leave for a few hours, I leave mine for about 6 hours. Skein the yarns using the plastic umbrella winder or any other method even manually using your own hand and elbow. Wash and hang it to dry. That’s it!

 rayon/cotton yarns


Here is how the yarns look like once it dried up.


Cotton/Rayon Blend


Cotton/Rayon Blend


All of these yarns were done in the similar method shown above. Some big cakes need repeated process to achieve the desired layers of color.

NOTE: Reactive dyes can be purchased by contacting Iin Wibisono via Whatssap at 6281517018866 or visit our FB Page at Republik Rajut.

Planned Pooling Dengan Benang Sembur


Tiba2 semua orang membicarakannya termasuk saya. Jari-jemari masih terasa sakit tapi tidak tahan untuk tidak ikut mencoba aplikasi gratis ini. adalah aplikasi yang diciptakan oleh seorang ahli ilmu statistik bernama Karla Stuebing  yang punya hobby merajut (pantas) hehe… Kisahnya bisa dibaca disini. 

Setelah berhasil mencoba memahami aplikasi ini Anda tidak lagi akan memandang benang sembur dengan cara pandang yang sama dengan sebelum2nya. Setiap kali lihat benang jenis ini, maka yang terbayang adalah kotak2, wajik, zigzag, gelombang dan berbagai kemungkinan yang bisa dihasilkan yang diatur oleh warna2 sembur yang ada pada sehelai benang. Berikut test motif yang saya coba.Untuk melihat karya2 keren dari aplikasi ini, silahkan ke Pinterest, ketik PlannedPooling. Anda akan terkesima dan berkata “selama ini kok saya gak tahu ya?” Sayapun berkata hal yang sama…

Bagaimana cara menggunakan aplikasi ini. Saya coba rekam apa yang saya lakukan dilayar dan bisa dilihat di Youtube channel saya. Pertama2 tentunya Anda harus pergi dulu ke situs kemudian ikuti petunjuk tertulis dibawah video.

Ingin gabung dengan teman2 di group Planned Pooling Indonesia? Apply disini

Mohon sabar untuk diapprove sebab admins di group ini hanyalah volunteer.

Selamat mencoba dan Happy Crocheting…








A Note to Say Thank You…

After being accused of plagiarizing my own works, I came across such a nice FB email today from someone who really appreciate what I do. Here is what she says “Assalamualaikum mba. Saya yuni perajut dari malang. Salam kenal. Saya mengenal mba dari internet ketika baca pola tusuk stroberi. Karena polanya gratis jadi saya coba ternyata saya menerima banyak pesanan motif itu. Saya ingin mengucapkan terimakasih.”

Translation: Peace be upon you sister, I am Yuni, a crocheter from Malang. Nice knowing you. I get to know your name from the Internet when I read your strawberry crochet stitches. It was a free pattern so I give it a try and the fact is I received many orders with that motif. I just wanted to say thank you.” Wow, this such nice gesture made my day. I was really happy and pray she will be blessed with her works. Thanks Yuni…


Dyeing Kit and Some Works on Cotton

Berat 100 grams X 2 Panjang 360 m X 2 Demonstration only

Soft Cotton Lace 100 grams each
Length 360 m 
Demonstration only to show the texture of the yarns